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the seven hotel brand identity

branding and visual identity for a boutique hotel in Tulsa, OK

This brand design project for a fictional luxury hotel brand aims to establish a unique and sophisticated brand identity that reflects the elegance, luxury, and history that the hotel offers. The hotel is positioned as a high-end destination for travelers seeking amenities and comfort, and the brand design is needed to capture this essence.

I began with research into boutique hotels' logos and visual identities. Identifying key trends, I developed a design concept that is both elegant and contemporary. The logo is a minimalist design featuring a stylized version of the hotel's name in a luxury, serif font paired with elegant calligraphy. The logo's color palette features a bold, deep gold hue that represents sophistication and reflects the Art Deco architecture in the Tulsa area. A custom pattern inspired by the hotel's architectural features is used as a decorative element in print materials and on the hotel's collateral.

Overall, the brand design project for the new boutique hotel successfully established a distinct brand identity that reflects the brand's values and narrative. The classic and modern brand design sets the hotel apart from its competitors and positions it as a top destination for travelers seeking a 1920s-era historical yet contemporary experience.

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