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hi there!

I’m Evie, a graphic designer from Atlanta, Georgia currently based in Oklahoma City. I have a passion for visual storytelling and graphic design and am looking to apply my skills as a brand designer.

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work experience

April 2022 - Present

May 2021 - Present

August 2020 - May 2021

Marketing Coordinator- Balfour Beatty 

Led cross-functional project teams to produce client-facing proposals in pursuit of new work. Created visually stunning and effective marketing materials and graphics to effectively communicate the company's branding

  • Coordinated and executed marketing campaigns, including print and digital graphics utilizing design programs like Adobe Creative Suite

  • Served as creative director from concept to delivery of photo and video shoots, ensuring alignment of creative vision and communication of the desired message to the target audience

  • Innovated designs of proposals, presentations, and communications to ensure the company’s brand message is delivered to clients

Graphic Designer- Evie Janzen Designs

Managed multiple brand development and web design projects as a freelance designer, working to understand clients’ goals and create visually appealing and functional websites and brand packages

  •  Utilized a range of design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, to create wireframes, mockups, and final designs

  • Collaborated with developers to ensure the websites were responsive and fully functional across various devices and platforms

  • Communicated effectively with clients to ensure their satisfaction with the final product, and provided ongoing maintenance as needed

Social Media Design Team- University of Oklahoma, School of Musical Theatre

Contributed to the design and creation of visually striking social media content as part of a dedicated social media design team, resulting in increased engagement and follower growth

  • Collaborated with program managers to develop concepts that aligned with the overall strategy and tone of the brand

  • Utilized design software to create eye-catching graphics and other visual elements for use in social media posts, stories, and profiles

  • Stayed current with the latest design trends for social media and ensured that all designs adhered to the platform's guidelines for size, resolution, and aspect ratio

My Story

I am a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre. Being a theatre major, I learned to convey a story and manage independent and group projects regularly. I balanced working as a social media designer for my school while pursuing a full-time degree. 


I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, but in 2020 I dove into digital illustration. I furthered my passion by creating a small business to sell my art. I managing an art account and sold products on Etsy storefront. Through this, I have learned the fundamentals of creating online presence while sharpening my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Microsoft Suite, Canva, Wix, and more. I also began working as a freelance visual designer, creating websites and branding packages for various for clients.

As Marketing Coordinator for Balfour Beatty, I learned the corporate side of graphic design. I used my creative ideas to innovate a multinational company's branding into modern designs, while keeping aligned with visual and writing brand standards. I operated as a project manager on many projects, communicating with teams to successfully produce digital and print business proposals and client presentations. 

I continue to work on website and branding designs, currently working with a personal trainer on a full branding package. I am eager to grow my knowledge, and I am dedicated to taking the next step in graphics and design. My resume is detailed below with more details about my work history and formal training, and make sure to check out my portfolio. Nice to meet you!


Strong project management skills | Ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines | Strong collaboration skills that thrive in a team environment | Understanding of digital marketing | Background digital illustration | Storytelling skills | Public speaking experience

Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop | Lightroom | Microsoft Suite | Google Workspace
Canva | ProCreate | Social media platforms | Wix


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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