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artist & operator and rebranding

created digital art products and operated digital storefront

I created a brand that I believe in. It began with my love of digital art and my desire to tell authentic stories and encourage other people, and it has grown into Growing Through It Co. It is my digital art and product business, operating on Instagram, Facebook, and selling products through Etsy.

After beginning with my art business, I realized I needed a clearer visual language for expressing my company. I designed a full rebranding package, complete with a main logo, variations, icons, and graphics optimized for every platform. I participated in market research on other companies' branding, including research on brand awareness across multiple platforms. I research how to optimize designs for Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, and more. Through innovating and redesigning Growing Through It Co.'s visual language, I learned about creating cohesive platforms and telling complete online stories through the use of colors, intuitive design, and visual strategy.

As an operator and designer, I created posts and reels to market products sold online. I used Facebook Business Suite to run functions of Instagram and Facebook shop. I managed my Etsy shop, distributing physical and digital products across the United States. Utilized Facebook and Etsy analytics to grow shop engagements to 800+ in one year with a 5 star average raiting.

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