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marvel casting web design

Worked with a casting director for this high-profile client to create casting websites for upcoming Marvel series.


The casting director for Marvel's upcoming streaming series approached me with the goal of creating a website to promote their background casting needs. The company had a list of information, requirements, and specific conditions that needed to be listed. With heavy information and no streamlined information headquarters, it was difficult for visitors to find the information they needed.


The main objectives of the project were to create a clean and modern website design that was responsive on all devices and easy to navigate, as well as to publicize the company's casting needs in a visually appealing way. The website also needed to include links to registration, an easy outlet for questions, and details on the compensation for participating. The company was particularly interested in increasing awareness of their casting needs, as they were looking for specific talent. The company also requested that the website be hosted on a platform with which they were familiar.


I designed a simple, one-page site that met their specific goals. I created an attractive site that clearly illustrated what they were looking for, as well as supplied information on the series itself. I worked to divide the information into sections and create hierarchy so visitors could more easily absorb the information.

To make the website easy to navigate, I implemented an uncluttered design with clear headings and an anchor menu that allowed visitors to efficiently find the information they needed. Knowing their casting needs would evolve as the project progressed, I created a design that could be easily updated with new information. I also linked all the casting companies' information so visitors could stay in the loop on upcoming projects.


The new website was a success for the company, as it helped to promote their casting calls and effectively find background talent. I was then hired to create several iterations of their website as their casting calls evolved and was hired to clean up the casting director's professional website. Overall, the project was a success, and I was proud to have contributed to this series' development.

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