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holy grounds brand identity

hand-drawn logo + branding package for a coffee company

I always want to be challenging myself, so for 50 days, I participated in a daily logo challenge. This day's prompt was to create a logo for a coffee shop or coffee house.

As a coffee shop vibe enthusiast, this prompt was close to my heart. I took the outline for a brand that I had previously brainstormed and reenvisioned it. I updated the design, applying new trends from market research. Drawing from my background in digital art, I added hand-drawn elements to the logo, even tracing the font with a brush to achieve an authentic feel. To ensure scalability across all platforms, I translated the elements and their iterations into vector forms.

This visual language achieved from this concept represented the brand values of the fictional coffee company: authenticity, welcome, and warmth.

Participating in exercises like this is not only fun and practical but inspiring. I opened my design up to ways I hadn't thought of using it before. I am always learning and growing, but this project in particular helped stretch my craft.

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