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flint & flame branding

branding package for a upscale, romantic restaurant

I am always wanting to sharpen my design skills, so the spark for this project came from a daily logo project.

The guidelines were for a logo including a flame. I brainstormed by sketching flames, and one of the name ideas they generated stuck out to me: Flint & Flame. The name to me sounded like a steakhouse or high-end restaurant you would go to on a fancy night.

From one of my sketched flames, I began construction a logo. The prompt of flames led me to strong red colors. I paired the restaurant idea with deep red wine colors. Through mood boarding, the logo and vibe of the restaurant began to take shape.

From my logo, I wanted to take the project to the next steps. After identifying brand values and intentions, I created a brand package that included signs. I wanted to give a extended branding board that included mockups of the website, signage in real life, and even coasters for the restaurant's opening weekend!

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