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marissa guimbarda coaching

Worked to create a custom, functional website and branding package for a private softball coach.


I was approached by a private softball coach who needed a website to showcase her coaching services and attract new clients. The coach had been using word-of-mouth to promote her services, but she wanted a more professional online presence that would allow her to provide detailed information about her coaching approach and allow for online registration for lessons.


The main objectives of the project were to create a visually appealing website that effectively communicated the coach's expertise and allow potential clients to learn about the lessons offered. The website also needed to include a section for potential clients to access her schedule and book lessons, as well as a page with testimonials from past clients.


I worked closely with the coach to understand her brand and target audience, helping her identify what was important to incorporate on her site. The website included a welcoming homepage that introduced the coach, her expertise, and her services, and we utilized high-quality images and videos to showcase her coaching knowledge.

We designed several pages to allow visitors to easily navigate through the information. I aided the coach in crafting her bio so that potential clients could understand her methods and learn about her background, aligning with her goal of creating a welcoming environment. I also created copy for her different services. I wanted visitors to quickly understand the lessons offered so that they could effortlessly navigate through the booking form and calendar. I incorporated the coach's social media pages, as well as testimonials from past clients.


The new website was a success for the private softball coach, as it helped her to attract new clients and professionally showcase her services. The website received positive feedback from visitors, and the coach reported an increase in inquiries and bookings. I am so proud to have helped the coach bring her brand to a digital platform and be apart of the continued success.

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